Julie Elgebali, CMT #73514


My Approach

With over a decade of experience I believe that pain management is attained after assessing muscle dysfunction and finding the root of postural misalignment. 

 Studying my clients posture and quality of movement allows me to feel and address the cause of dysfunction and pain. I create a customized experience for each individual, depending on their specific needs. I employ many modalities in every session: Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Hot Stone, ART, and Swedish massage .

My strategic approach is also accompanied by my extensive high end spa experience, to give my clients not only a structurally corrective session, but also a relaxing experience that will leave you feeling strong, light and calm.


My History

In 2007 I graduated from the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences in Manhattan NY, with an Associates Degree in Occupational Studies, centered around Massage Therapy. I currently hold a New York state massage therapy licenses. As well as a California state certification.

My education focused on anatomy and assessment and gave me a comprehensive knowledge of the inner workings of the human body.

I believe to truly feel harmonious, our postures must be aligned. To be truly aligned, we need to work the muscles that create change.

Where you might have seen me:

~Spa At The Lafayette Park Hotel

        Lafayette, Ca

~Namaste Yoga and Wellness

        Grand Lake, Oakland


~Hand and Stone

          Alameda, Ca

~Yelo Spa

          Ny, Ny

-East Village Chiropractic

          Ny, Ny

~Pure Spa

          Sunnyside, Ny

You book the time, and decide later

Decide at the start of the appointment what kind of massage you want. Every appointment is catered to your specific needs. Moderate pressure, strong pressure, hot stone, Myofascial Release, or  even a mix of all to make a unique and powerfully structured session.

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